India Bike Week: Blame it on the Bikes

We head to Kashid, where the coastal stretch starts. Still early in the morning, it’s around 17 deg C, we feel the chill and the road surface is patchy. Even the Ducati boys are resisting the temptation to wring the throttle just yet. As we move closer to the coastline, the road gets smoother and the mercury rises to a comfortable 21. The thump of the Enfields is abruptly muffled by the Ducatis screaming by.

I give into temptation and open the throttle. The 650cc V-twin starts dishing out its 74bhp and 62Nm and I’m soon in the triple-digit-speed zone. The surge is gradual and the more you twist the throttle, the better it feels. And sounds!

The Aquila holds the road well as I slip into corners. After a few twisty bits, I come to a speed bump sign. As I come to the bump, I slow nearly to a full stop. The two Ducatis just jump over it and move on. By the time I carefully manoeuvre over the speed bump, a herd of Enfields also zooms over the bump, giving me a string of condescending looks – already a lot of love in the air for the Aquila.