India Bike Week: Blame it on the Bikes

Before the ride, we’ve been told that at various points along the way, the road will end and we’ll be ferrying the bikes across. We do, and the water sections prove to be a nice break from hours of tarmac riding.

What we weren’t told was that the roads would end abruptly and there’d be extended bumpy gravel portions. Surely the Aquila was not made for this kind of pounding (and nor was I). Making matters worse is the upright seating and the foot pegs placed right ahead. The Aquila has the agility of a train out here, as I hit one bump after another. But the bike soldiers on.

It is afternoon when we reach Goa on the third day and ride to IBW, Vagator. Approaching the venue, you can sense the festivities in the air. A Harley passes, followed by a Honda CBR 1000RR and a Yamaha R6. In this place, at this time, the exotic is not so exotic.