India Bike Week: Blame it on the Bikes

First, I want to see the modified 700cc V-twin Enfield Bullet, the very same one that Kartik covered in the previous issue. In the flesh, it looks stunning. Unlike most other mod jobs, this Bullet has something that really matters – an extra cylinder and extra horses. Our photographer Nitin is frothing at the mouth already. We haven’t finished ogling the Bullet, when we hear a jet engine from somewhere behind. This can only mean one thing – the mtt Y2K turbine superbike is here.

Yes, the one with a jet engine that has 320bhp and a top speed of 402kph. By the time we move to where the Y2K is doing its thing, a crowd has gathered and security is asking people to move back from the exhaust. And with good reason – the gases exiting the tail pipe of this bike are doing so at 650 degrees Celsius.

I head back to the parking lot. As I approach the Aquila, I spot a tall figure looking at it, tattooed and bearded. Definitely a Harley guy and he doesn’t look too happy with what he’s seeing. “What bike is this?” he asks. I say Hyosung. He looks confused. “Is that Chinese?” he asks. I say Korean. I ask him what he thinks of it. He says it looks good, but it’s not a Harley and walks away.