India Exclusive: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

If you look at it, the G’s timeless design is not its biggest asset. The bigger draw is its monster of an engine and the serious hardware that it comes with. The G-Class available in India is powered by a 5,461cc, V8, twin-turbo petrol motor good for 536bhp and 760Nm. That’s 29bhp and 60Nm more than the G55 AMG. The engine is teamed with a new 7G-tronic automatic gearbox, replacing the earlier model’s five-speed ’box. As for the underpinnings – no monocoque business here. The G continues to come with a rugged body-on-frame construction, heavy duty axles, tall ground clearance and a low-range transfer case with three-step differential locks for front, rear and centre.

With all those hardcore mechanicals, this thing will rarely get stuck if you take it off-roading. But in India, this `2 crore Merc SUV will rarely, if ever, go off-road. For most of its life, your average G63 AMG will rapidly munch miles on tarmac and guzzle fossil fuel like no other machine on four wheels.

To completely enjoy the 536 horses on tap, we decided to head for the scenic Bangalore-Mysore NICE expressway. Because driving the G-Class in city traffic makes no sense at all. The stop-go routine will quickly empty both your fuel tank and your bank account, and even with its active dampers, the ride is always on the stiffer side. Plus, at low speeds, the suspension does little to iron out the road irregularities.