India exclusive: Porsche Cayenne Turbo V8

Nobody knows how long banyan trees live. I am not even remotely good with botany so pardon me if the next line isn’t perfect. From what I understand, their branches take root in the soil to form another life form. And left alone, a banyan tree could live forever, either through itself or its branches. Quite evident then, that your average banyan tree must witness a lot in its lifetime.

Like the Bassein Fort, now called Vasai Fort. Before British rule, Bombay was a sleepy cluster of seven islands with fisher folk. And places surrounding the island, like Vasai, Thane and Kalyan in mainland India was where the harbours, trade and activity were. Nobody at the time would have ever imagined those little Bombay islands would grow into the megapolis it is now. A bit like how nobody would have thought of off-roaders as something that can also be used as a family car for paved roads. The Porsche Cayenne, more than any other SUV, has changed that significantly.