India exclusive: Porsche Cayenne Turbo V8

It’s been more than 10 years since it showed itself, much to the shock of people who appreciate beauty and Porsches. And the Cayenne remains the only SUV that can properly lap a track like a low and light sportscar. The Cayenne Turbo, though, knocks on the doors of a room that houses hyper SUVs… the 503bhp Range Rover Sport, the 536bhp Mercedes G63 AMG, the 518bhp Mercedes ML63 AMG and Porsche’s own 542bhp Cayenne Turbo S.

In the company of such machinery, the 493bhp Cayenne Turbo will seem pedestrian. It is. On paper. On the road, though, I can’t quite believe I am inside something that weighs over two tonnes and whose highest point is more than five feet off the ground. And this is not counting the air suspension that can alter ride height to a minimum of 158mm and a maximum of 248mm.

The Turbo is the least powerful of the hyper SUVs, but none of them can munch horizons and corners with such disdain. With all of the world’s hyper SUVs, you will always sense that tug-of-war between enthusiastic intent and unwilling physique. A bit like how Usain Bolt would be if he touched 95. But the Cayenne Turbo is a WWE wrestler in physique and a steeplechase runner in sprinting ability.