India exclusive: Porsche Cayenne Turbo V8

While the engine makes itself heard, it’s one notch below the baritone you’d get out of a Cayenne GTS or even the standard, non-turbo Cayenne V8. And the steering, as is usual with Cayennes, is very good for an SUV, but not that good for a Porsche. But that takes nothing away from the utter brilliance of the package.

Around the protected precinct of the fort, the Cayenne calmly negotiates slush, grass and rock-strewn paths in its high ground-clearance mode. This is the same vehicle that just an hour ago was negotiating curvy bends and stitching together far apart horizons on the open road. With ease.

To give you an idea of how easy the Turbo is on the driver, think of the Porsche as a point-and-shoot camera with results that match an SLR. It isn’t supposed to happen, but it simply does. Just like the Bassein Fort. A five-century-old monument worn down by time and callousness simply shouldn’t be standing. But it does. The Cayenne Turbo’s physical might should make it impossible for the car to be so nimble. But nimble it sure is. And in a future when cars may run on water and touch 100kph in two seconds – or in a future when cars may have gone extinct – the Cayenne Turbo will stand as a monument of proof that you can always get the better of physics and time. Just like this fort, which has been standing its ground for over 500 years.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Aparna Jayakumar)