India Exclusive: Rolls Royce Ghost Alpine Trail Centenary Edition

In my nearly decade-long career, I have always pretended to be busy whenever a Rolls-Royce story was around the corner. Not that I have anything against the cars. But personally, the concept of extreme luxury is something I have never understood. So me trying to gauge a Rolls is a bit like a teetotaler trying to write about the intricacies of a single malt.

If you are inside a car that’s called the Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trail Centenary Edition, you’d find it intimidating. What I found intimidating, though, was driving the car itself. I have driven Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis on crowded Indian roads. None of them were as intimidating as getting this Ghost out of the underground car park of a hotel in Innsbruck, Austria. And it’s just for this that the Ghost has a camera each under the wing mirrors to give you that helicopter view for getting out of tight spots. And trust me, in a Ghost, even your most routine spots are going to be tight.