India Exclusive: Rolls Royce Ghost Alpine Trail Centenary Edition

The Ghost you see here is the Alpine Trail Centenary Edition made to commemorate 100 years since Rolls-Royce first embarked on the Alpine Trail in 1913. So the Centenary mirrors a certain James Radley’s original Silver Ghost, which survived the 2,912km event, and won. Which is why you have the retro blue paint, the black grille and wheels, the topography of the first Alpine Trail etched on the dashboard and some other bits that pay homage to the original car. Mechanically, there isn’t much difference from the 2012 car… just an updated media interface and the facility to write names and numbers on the screen via a touchpad. At which point, you wouldn’t think much of this Rolls. I didn’t.

Till I realised I was in one of only 35 of these cars in the entire world. And if I scratch such a rare car just on the way out of the car park, the people from Rolls-Royce – who welcomed me with a lot of warmth – would probably have just taken me to the Alps, got me out of the car on some pretext, and driven off. Anyway, I got out without incident and in a few kilometres, I got this very electric feel from the car. No. I don’t mean hair-raisingly electric, but smooth, sensation-less electric. The car has a mighty V12 engine, an eight-speed automatic gearbox, a suspension, axles… but when it moves, you don’t sense any moving parts. The only trace of motion the Ghost does not hide is the view outside the glass.