India Exclusive: Rolls Royce Ghost Alpine Trail Centenary Edition

If you shut your eyes, you can’t feel, hear or sense anything to convey that you are in motion. The Ghost doesn’t seem to move on the road, it simply appears to hover over it. Which automatically means the car should bestow you with carpet-like ride. And it does. Despite riding on runflat tyres. Which automatically means the car will roll around corners like a wheel rolls down a flight of stairs. Well, it doesn’t.

The only other cars that have less roll around corners than this Rolls are ones that have Ferrari, Porsche or Mini on the label. Don’t get ahead of yourself. This is not a driver’s car. The Rolls’s habit of taking away all traces of motion also takes away all traces of feel from the driver. This car can surely be hustled, but neither you nor the car is going to enjoy it.

What the Ghost does enjoy is wafting down at a pace that will get you a speeding ticket in Europe. Yet, its power reserve indicator will still show about 99 per cent of its 562 horses. A BMW M5 makes 552. But while any car with this much power is always straining at the leash, the Ghost is a high-frequency shriek. You may not be able to hear or feel it, but windowpanes around will crack. The Ghost never gives you the sensation of frantic motion. But if I mention the speeds it carelessly takes you to, I might get a ticket sent to me in India.