Indian GP 2013 Preview


What time does the track open?
The gates to the grand stand open at 9.30am, so there’s no point reaching BIC at 8am, unless you have other interests at the venue.

Can I carry food to the grand stand?
Nope. JPSI has posted security with hypersensitive chemoreceptor cells – outside food won’t make it past these guys into the stands. You either buy food and beverages from the stalls outside your stands, or starve to death watching your favourite team or driver race.

Can I bring children to an F1 race?
Yes, you can. But if they’re below 5, they’ll have to spend the duration of the entire race in the parking lot. Either you spend those two hours cheering your favourite driver from a grand stand or from the parking lot.  

What if I don’t reach the venue on time?
It’s not a job interview. You can arrive whenever you wish and leave as soon as you lose interest in the race. You could either head back home or go visit the F1 Village for fun zones and official merchandise.

What can I carry into the grand stands?
Apart from small handbags, digital cameras and foldable umbrellas, nothing else is allowed into the stands. And however big an F1 fan it may be, DO NOT bring your pet along. Pets aren’t allowed in. Neither are cigarettes, lighters and alcohol.

What’s the parking scene, boss?
Unlike the previous years, parking permits for private vehicles will have to be bought separately this year. This also applies to those claiming political connections. Remember, JPSI and the government of India don’t share the best of camaraderie.

So don’t even try your luck with that.

(Words: Devesh Shobha)