Intake: Graduation

To give you some context, Rishaad from Autocar and I were the first from the moto-hack community to get wildcard entries into the first round of TVS’ RR Cup – a reward for our first- and third-place finishes in last year’s Young Media Racer series. This meant we were thrown into the mix with multiple-time national champions such as Deepak Ravikumar and Vivek Pillai.

Safe to say, we weren’t harbouring any hopes of finishing very high up in the rankings. So yes, Sunday and Race 1 of the weekend had me starting right at the end of the grid. The track was still wet from the rain. I managed to get a reasonable start and was ahead of Rishaad for most of the eight-lap race. But around lap seven, when I saw Rishaad gaining on me and exiting turn seven, I got a bit too hasty on the throttle.

The result? A spectacular off that had me sliding down the mud on my backside. And that’s how I classified as a DNF in the first race of the weekend. Race 2 didn’t go too well either. I started last and finished last too. So, as you can imagine, there isn’t much of a story there.