Jag F-Type vs Porsche 911 vs Boxster

Slip into the 911, and that huge price premium is instantly explained. Our test car boasts a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology found on only top-end exotica: a manual gearbox. Oh yes. But this isn't just any gearbox: it's a seven-speed shifter, a configuration requiring a little diagram atop the gearshifter that resembles a millipede with a few limbs missing. Seven is at least three ratios too many (especially when third is good for Autobahn speeds), but it only takes a few minutes with the 911 and its clutch pedal to realise what a shame it is that Jag doesn't offer a manual F-Type: not only would it have signalled the sporting intent of its smallest, sharpest model, but also because a three-pedal set-up dials you far closer to the inner workings of the engine.