Jag F-Type vs Porsche 911 vs Boxster

Sorry, got a bit starry-eyed there. We know there's much more to a sports car than its ability to barrel around the many corners of Scotland's deserted Highlands, and, away from Loch Carron, there is much to recommend the F-Type over the Boxster. Though it coughs out a healthy dose of booms, crackles and growls, the Porsche doesn't sound quite so good as the bonkers F-Type, while its cabin takes the whole ‘understated class' thing to its point of intersection with ‘a bit boring actually'. There's not much obvious flair on show here: certainly nothing to rival the F-Type's pop-up air vents and coppery gearshift paddles.

The F-Type is quieter on the road than the Porsche: big news on a 500-kilometre motorway cruise. And beside the extravagant Jag, the Boxster isn't much cop to look at. But probably the main reason you won't buy a Boxster is because, yeah... it's a Boxster. A car beloved of Cheshire's Ladies Who Lunch, a car for latte-sipping luvvies rather than real Oversteer Enthusiasts.

Forget the image. If all you want to do is barrel around the many corners of Scotland's beautifully deserted Highlands, the Boxster S - the Boxster S - remains untouchable. No shame on Jaguar for failing to land the killer punch here, though it gets mighty close: at least until the Cayman lands here (not long, folks!), the Boxster might just be the best sports car you can buy, full stop.