Jaguar F-Type: Flaming V8

To welcome the F-Type to India, we got a group of fire jugglers to do their thing, which is as much a spectacle as the F-Type’s design. And they volunteered to spin their LED-lit batons into a pattern that would spell out the headline of this story. Now that’s precision.

While these guys use fire to create their performances, the F-Type, with its 5,000cc, eight-cylinder engine, uses fire to churn out a truckload of power – 488bhp to be exact, and 460Nm of spin. That torque is on tap from 2,500 revs right till the tachometer reads 5,500 revs. That madness comes from a supercharger fitted to the engine. And unlike an exhaust gas-driven turbo, this electric supercharger doesn’t need the revs to be piled up before it swings into action.