Jaguar F-Type: Sizzling cat

These days, everything is awesome. Everything is fantabulous. Everything is cool. And then it is photographed in a quadcore processor smartphone and promptly forgotten in the ocean of 64GB memory. But when the E-Type entered the world in 1961, there were still things to be invented, planets were yet to be classified and declassified, handwritten letters were retained, and good music stayed on the charts for months.

The F-Type enters a world where bizarre videos get some uncountable hits and are then forgotten in a couple of weeks. So, Jaguar is doing the F-Type a disservice by calling it the successor to the E. Cars have gone too far ahead for the F to set new benchmarks that will make others go back to the drawing board.

But when I prodded that orange or rather, ‘copper’ start button I sensed something revolutionary. The F makes no attempt at subtlety or modesty. When you merely want the engine to start, what the F delivers is an assault on your ears with an unabashed, shameless, full-throated roar to announce its awakening.