Jaguar F-Type: Sizzling cat

In an era when – except for the Italians and Koenigsegg – your normal sportscar comes with a Sport button if you want a louder exhaust, the F-Type’s acoustic assault is as refreshing as a conversation not interrupted by a smartphone update. And as you start moving, the acoustic assault progresses into a long concert with a limitless repertoire ranging from burbles, hisses, pops, crackles, bellows, an aggressive groan and a whole lot of sounds I can’t quite describe in words. For instance, when you are just about to go full throttle and lift off before committing to it, the exhaust emits this sizzle that almost embodies disappointment.

Indian classical dance, they say, is formed on the basis of navarasas, or nine emotions, which form the basis of all facial expressions and hand movements in this art form. The F-Type has its range of navarasas, or rather more, delivered from its exhaust flute. And those looks. It’s not as effortlessly beautiful as a Maserati or as jaw-dropping as a Ferrari, but those proportions are perfect. I would have liked the headlights to be a bit more, er, for want of a better word, feline, but those slim tail-lights ensure that the rear is the best angle of the car. And it’s the sight you will see often on a moderately open road.