Jaguar F-Type: Sizzling cat

With 488bhp from the 5.0-litre supercharged V8, the F-Type is monumentally fast. It gets to 100kph way faster than you can type the letters ‘F’ ‘A’ ‘S’ ‘T’ on one of those new predictable text keyboard touchscreen phones. This is with yet another orange or ‘copper’ toggle shifted to Dynamic mode. And in this Dynamic mode is a standard factory setting, in which the steering, gears and suspension are all set to Dynamic. Then there’s a My Setting that lets you configure one or all of them to be on Normal mode.

If the Normal mode exists to dull the car or make it more sedate, it doesn’t really work. The only way you can have a sedate time in this car is by going easy on the throttle – allow the eight-speed gearbox to remain in the highest gear, keep it at around 100kph and the car will murmur at just over 1000rpm; just in case you were wondering if the F would mouth expletives even on days when all you want is a quiet drive back home.