Jaguar XF Sportbrake vs Merc CLS Shooting Brake

But of the two, it's the Jag that does it for me. Not in every area, and you can make a strong case for the Merc simply because of the fact - and it is a fact - that it's a more creatively designed car. I love it; I think it's excellent. But I think the Jag's better. Not by much, but by enough. The thing I was talking about earlier, about the XF having a particular pace and rhythm is true of every facet of this car. It's so in tune with itself, so harmonious. You could make a very strong case for this being the best car Jag currently makes. And it's a diesel estate. But not really an estate. It's something more: a car you'd be proud to own.

(Words: Ollie Marriage, Pics: John Wycherley)