James Bond’s DBS up for auction

Thankfully, this isn't that Aston Martin DBS. You know the one: the barrel-rolling, vegetable-crushing DBS that careered into the Guinness Book of World Records via Casino Royale.

It's not even the one that got shot at many times by baddies in Alfa Romeo 159s in Quantum of Solace either. Thankfully, this one's in pretty good nick. It's one of seven Aston Martin DBSs used in QoS, and was driven by Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang himself, Daniel Craig. And you could own it.

It's going up for auction on Friday, headlining an impressive haul of James Bond paraphernalia just a few weeks before the big premiere of Skyfall, including Mr Craig's rather tight Speedos, his sunglasses, and even a dress worn by ‘Bond Girl' Olga Kurylenko.

Oh, and keeping the motoring end up - alongside the DBS - is a pre-production BMW Z8 used in The World Is Not Enough, as well as a 1/3 scale model of the classic Aston Martin DB5 used in Skyfall. A mini Aston!

The DBS is cool, of course, as is the DB5 (it was built via 3D printing), but that Z8 is quite interesting too. It's a kit car made from a BMW shell (they only had one prototype at the time of filming), and was built in just eight weeks. Workies moulded the car using the shell provided by BMW, slotting a Chevy V8 ‘crate motor' underneath, a five-speed Tremec gearbox in the middle and Jaguar suspension front and back.

Christies - who are hosting the Bond haul - even go as far to mention that the Z8 "is not sold as a means of transport and no promise is made that the vehicle is of satisfactory quality". Strangely, this reminds us of something called 'Geoff'...

40 items will go up for sale via The Internet - including the BMW Z8 replica - up until 8 October, while the miniature Aston DB5 and big DBS (expected to go for around Rs 1.27 crore) will be offered on a for-your-eyes-only type glitzy evening on 5 October. All proceeds will go to charity, too.

Someone in the TopGear office may or may not be bidding for Bond's trunks. That's all we're prepared to say.