Jeep Grand Cherokee in Mumbai

Daily drive to work test

If you’re one of those who sets out to work early, you’ll be pleased to know the 3.0-litre V6 diesel motor under the Grand Cherokee’s hood is not the type that’ll wake up the neighbourhood with a resounding growl. Instead, it fires up in a very calm and collected manner. Driving to work, this Jeep gives you little reason to take your hands off the wheel en route, and it’s not just the involving driving dynamics we’re talking about. The steering wheel is loaded with more than 20 buttons that let you scan through a lengthy list of features, including messages list, 4WD setup, and radar-based cruise control, among many other functions of little use. It took us a while to get used to some of the Grand Cherokee’s ergonomics, including the single stalk that operates the wipers, headlights and indicators.

In the city, its pliant ride handles broken roads and speed breakers very well, so even the chauffeured will find the Grand Cherokee very relaxing. The suspension deals with large potholes impressively – the chunky 265/50 R20 Continental tyres can tackle anything that the municipal corporation can throw at it. A fair bit of road noise seeps into the cabin, but not enough to distract you from mentally rehearsing the team-building speech you’re working on.