Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: Honest to Goodness

At first, I think, this must be some other track-day happening before the meaningless exercise – for which I am here – of taking Jeeps around a racetrack begins. Then I hear the sound of the V8 coming around the corner and winding itself up for the long straight outside the pits. This time, I think I’d better catch a glimpse of the Bentley or whatever it is. I did. And I cough my water back into the glass.

The sound’s coming from the Jeep. The Jeep Grand Cherokee. Actually, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Chrysler has the SRT – the Street and Racing Technology division – sort of like Merc’s AMG and BMW’s M. So, well, I gather my wits and tell myself, “It’s okay. The Jeep GC SRT has a 6.4-litre V8 HEMI that makes 470bhp. Which is typically no-replacement-for-displacement American. And maybe, they’ve tweaked the suspension a bit. That’s still not going to make it worthy of a track.”

And how monumentally wrong I am. The SRT Jeep is totally track-worthy. And it’s solar systems away from the standard Grand Cherokee diesel I drove on the road earlier. That one’s a comfortable, refined and capable off-roader. Nowhere close to a driver’s car, but very earnestly does what it says on the label. The Grand Cherokee SRT, though, is entirely different.