Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: Honest to Goodness

But that’s about the only flaw in this high-performance SUV. It corners well, the steering offers proper feedback, its ability to accelerate is – pardon the pun – from another HEMIsphere and after really long, I’m driving something that’s turned out way better than I’d expected.

On the road too, you can immediately sense the difference in set-up over the normal Grand Cherokee. While I can’t open the taps on Austin’s speed-limited roads, using the paddles and keeping the engine at 6000rpm proves to be fun.

Flaws? Well, I don’t particularly love the Grand Cherokee’s looks. Remove that vertical slat Jeep grille, and this could be any generic SUV. The SRT has some subtle visual tweaks like a lower suspension, thinner profile rubber, some more blacked-out bits near the headlamps, more mesh in the grille and some SRT badging. Compared to the standard Grand Cherokee, the SRT has very subtle, un-American styling tweaks. It never shouts out, and you need a very close inspection to tell the SRT from the Grand Cherokee. Which is good.