Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: Honest to Goodness

What is not is Chrysler-Fiat’s fence-sitting stance on bringing it to India. The Wranglers are definitely coming. So is the Grand Cherokee diesel. All in September 2013. But the SRT is, understandably, way more expensive than the Grand Cherokee. Combine that with Mr Chidambaram’s new anti-SUV stance and the SRT’s prospects in the Indian market seem bleak.

The SRT is definitely not going to be a hot-seller. But consider this. In the US, this car costs the equivalent of around Rs 35 lakh. And it’s a bargain over other high-performance European SUVs. In India, where SUVs like the Cayenne and the Merc G cost way over Rs 1 crore, the SRT can still be had for under Rs 90 lakh, and works as a great hero car over the Wranglers and the Grand Cherokee.

Despite being based on a comfortable but not sporty car, this SRT treatment totally alters your idea of what can be done with a heavy, tall, SUV. Of course, Jeep will tell you it can’t go off-road. But that’s a bit like Lamborghini saying the Gallardo is not extremely fast. But a company that makes something like an Aventador can afford to say that. Unless you have to navigate the kind of terrain that the Wrangler did in the earlier pages, the SRT is quite a capable off-roader. And on the track, it will have you choking on your drink.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan)