Jeep Wrangler: the chronicles

Meanwhile, Jeep stuck to the basics. With the Wrangler, the designers are stuck in a time warp with the styling. It looks pretty much the same way as it looked back in the day. If you like the old-school looks, this one’s going to be your eye-candy. And these old-school, mean off-roaders are about to step on to the Indian soil this month.

And to celebrate the arrival of these legendary machines, we’ve mapped out an off-road course to take them to and beyond their limits. A course that involves rocks, mountains, lakes, water wading and heaps of muck.

As you see in these pictures there are two of them– the short wheelbase (SWB) and the long wheelbase (LWB). The long wheelbase one adds almost half a metre in length to fit in an extra pair of doors and a much roomier cabin. The short-wheelbase, two-door Wrangler sticks to the 2+2 configuration.