Jeep Wrangler: The Gray Wolf

When animal rights activists talk about animal cruelty, I wonder why they don’t include pure breed dogs. Think about it. A Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, an Afghan Hound and a Chihuahua are all the same animal. And they have one common ancestor. The wolf. So you can imagine the amount of breeding and in-breeding that’s happened over centuries to make wolves into the purebreds of today. Dogs are great company. But to get them to look a certain way, to get them ready for a breed’s specific line of work, we’ve created living things the way nature never intended them to be.

A pug, because of its flat nose, has inherent breathing and sight issues. A dachshund was bred for the specific purpose of getting into rabbit holes to flush them out. So they were bred to have sturdy long bodies and extremely short legs, and ended up with a spine that can’t support such unbalanced proportions. Large breeds like the Saint Bernard have an average lifespan of eight years.