Jeep Wrangler: The Gray Wolf

Strange things to think about when the Wrangler’s headlights are directly looking at the ground below and the only thing keeping gravity from having my stomach right over the steering wheel is my seat-belt. I release the brakes slowly and wait to hear the crunch of front bumper hitting ground. All I continue to hear is the crackle of rocks under the tyres and soon I am level on earth. The way an automobile is to be level on earth. When it’s not on level earth, all I can see out of the windshield of the Wrangler is either the sky when climbing up boulders that can almost be classified as walls, or the ground when I am coming down what feels like a ladder with missing steps.

In fact, the Jeep Wrangler owes its origins to a concept that was born because the conventional automobile could only run on level earth. And they needed a vehicle that could climb up and down unfathomable natural terrain.