Jeep Wrangler: The Gray Wolf

On the road, it’s not a handler, but it is solid and stable. And it did rather well on some Texan roads that were so windy that roadside boards were falling off. Don’t expect German or even British levels of refinement. To give you some perspective, the all-new Range Rover had to go really heavy on technology, aluminium and price to chop 420kg off to get it down to 2200kg for the base version. The Wrangler four-door range starts at 1848kg. Of course, that also means it’s not exactly a Rolls-Royce for the fields.

The only weak link in what’s an incredible off-roader and a solid road car is that five-speed automatic gearbox. A car can be simple, but an automatic transmission cannot. Which is why the one in the Wrangler is too ponderous for the road. Jeep would be better off offering the six-speed manual for India. And for all the customisation options, you don’t get a reverse camera. Jeep admits that even American customers want one, but they are still figuring out a way to put one that can withstand rocks and boulders.