Jeep Wrangler: The Gray Wolf

Also tricky is the positioning of the Wrangler once it comes to India. In the US, the range is the equivalent of Rs 12-19 lakh. Import duties in India will mean this will go much higher. Yet, if Jeep can keep it to under Rs 40 lakh or thereabouts, in the range of the BMW X1 or Audi Q3, I reckon a lot of you would queue up for one. As an off-roader there is nothing that will touch it. As an on-roader there are a few compromises to be made over a standard crossover or sedan, but nothing that you can’t live with.

What you would essentially end up with is a wolf.

It’s the original, before it was bred and tweaked to suit fickle human tastes and kennel club standards. It’s the original before SUVs got maligned beyond recognition to crossover levels. And the only bits of genetic alterations on this are so it meets modern safety and comfort requirements.

Which is why it’s like that wolf that always hung around old human fires. Hanging about, but at a distance. Harmless, but wary. Liked to socialise, but with its own pack. And it resisted the comfort of human company, just so it wouldn’t have to compromise on what it was meant to do. Thrive in the unfathomable wild. The way nature intended it to be.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan)