Kawasaki Ninja 300: Green Energy

Enough has been said already (by me, that is) about this legendary shade in motorcycling. Phrases like “green meanie” and “green with envy” have already been exhausted by yours truly. It’s a shame. Because this, the 300, deserves them more than the 250 it succeeds or, indeed, more than any Kawasaki that’s been launched in India.
In more advanced markets than ours, the Ninja 300 is a motorcycle meant for greenhorns (apt, eh?) or people who’ve driven their big V8 trucks to the brink of bankruptcy and consequently need cheap personal transport. In India, it costs close to Rs 4 lakh, something no novice or commuter will ever think of, no matter how green the bike. This is a shame, yet again, because this little Ninja is one hell of a fighter. This time around, it even looks the part.     

Now, photos of the 300 have been more all over the internet than that of a celebrity’s wardrobe malfunction, so we all knew what we were getting. Even so, the first time I see the bike in all its green glory, my eyebrows can’t help but raise themselves appreciatively. It immediately makes its predecessor look positively ancient, and I find myself wondering how I ever liked the 250R in the first place. It’s safe to say that the older bike will be quickly forgotten, if it isn’t already.