Kawasaki Ninja 300: Green Energy

No need to call your friendly neighbourhood rocket scientist – even a blind man can see that the 300 takes ‘inspiration’ from its madder and bigger sibling, the ZX-10R. It’s an inspired move, for sure; take a good look at that silhouette and tell me it’s possible for a small-displacement faired motorcycle to better this green-bodied perfection.

The 300 brings typical Kwacker aggression to this segment, hotter than any summer. Suddenly the CBR 250R looks like a kid with a growing wet patch on its pants. The 300 looks like a ninja took his sword, slashed at a green thing for a few minutes and said, “Here. Put this on the bike.” Everything is rakes and angles on the 300, and the proportions are spot-on. If you find anyone complaining about the way it looks, stick a note on his/her back that says, “colossal whiner”.