Kawasaki Ninja 650 on National Highway 17

Greenies annoy me. All they can talk about is how the human race has depleted the earth’s natural resources. They’re right, of course. We will perish some day and be remembered as artistic impressions on an evolution chart. We might even become a topic of discussion in some intoxicant-influenced social situations of the superseding race. Kind of like how we discuss Neanderthals today.

Now, in an entirely different way, Kawasakis have been greener (in livery) since the 1970s. Even in India, the Ninja 250R and the 650R have been green paint jobs. The latter has been updated and just launched in India. The Ninja 650 also has the distinction of being the greenest bike in the country today. Seriously, nothing looks greener. Oh, and that’s also the only colour available.