Kawasaki Ninja 650 on National Highway 17

After riding for a few hundred kilometers, I can see why this is Kawasaki’s best selling model in this segment. It gives you an adequate amount of power to play with. And it also makes sure all of that power is accessible. As far as top speed goes, the Ninja 650 touched the 200kph mark without much effort. And the vibrations weren’t bothersome either. Obviously all that hard riding did no favours to the environment; I managed to burn a litre of fuel every 17km. Who knows, all those exhaust gasses might have even melted an iceberg somewhere.

You may be aware that the government is doing its best to destroy the western ghats. And with all the illegal mining cases we’ve seen across the country, there’s a good chance they will succeed. So before that happens, I’d suggest you take a trip on NH17 to appreciate the greenery. It may not be around much longer. And this green Ninja 650 is the perfect bike for that kind of trip.

(Words: Abhinav Mishra, Photos: Bajirao Pawar)