Kawasaki ZX-10R: The art of war

Around the 15th century, feudal Japan saw the rise of a new class of intelligence operative called the ninja. Their core skills included espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination. A bit like Jason Bourne in loose black, then. But by the 17th century, they became more or less redundant, existing largely only in popular imagination.

Since then, the term ‘ninja’ has become a general byword for stealth and ruthless efficiency. And among the many who have aspired to that benchmark was Kawasaki, which made its first Ninja, the GPZ900R, in 1984.

In India, the 2013 Ninja ZX-10R is the Japanese bikemaker’s first foray into the litre-class segment. And it’s a sharp looker from any angle. The flashy lime green-and-black paint job, by now a Kawasaki signature, instantly grabs attention – this thing doesn’t care much for stealth. And they take the whole green paint business quite seriously – Kawasaki has no other colour on offer. But we’re not complaining, and from the looks of it, nor will Kawasaki owners.