King of Monsters

We have all seen a deck of cards, haven’t we? The one with 52 cards, 13 ranks, 4 suits and two shades- red and black? Yes, that one. Now here’s an interesting bit of trivia- did you know the four royals in each deck represent great kings from history? Like the King of Spades embodies King David, Clubs of Alexander the Great, Hearts for King Charlemagne and Caesar for Diamonds. Well, if the French were to be believed, that’s absolutely true. But this was a highly debatable exercise  only practised by the French between the 16th and 18th centuries. Today, the Kings in a modern day deck represents no one in particular. However, there's one king whose legacy stills continues- the ‘King of Monsters’, a king that we have taken a recent liking to - he’s known as the Godzilla. Or ‘Gojira’ for our Japanese readers. Ahem. For those who have been living under a rock, we aren’t talking about the giant fictitious monster that the Japanese invented around the 50’s. There’s just one Godzilla in the automotive space, the Nissan-GTR, a sports car that’s known as the ‘King of Monsters’ for one simple reason- it’s outright performance and its knack of punching much above its weight; outperforming some of the most illustrious nameplates from the supercar world as far as sprinting to 100kph goes. But for a sports car to make a mark in India, 0-100 kph is only 38 percent of its Key Result Area. That's where TG steps in to figure out if the Gojira can meet the rest of its KRA. For that, bizarrely enough, we find ourselves in a place called Yellapur.