KTM Duke 390: The Hue of Madness

The Duke 390 looks exactly like the 200, as naked as truth. Yes, that familiar shape now sports different war paint (thank God) and has lovely orange wheels, but it looks exactly like the 200. It even has hand levers from the old Pulsars. But I won’t complain about the latter, because they aren’t going to do anything about it.

When the Duke 200 was launched, all of us wanted its trellis to be painted orange. We also knew they were saving it for the 390, so here it is. There’s no change in any of the dimensions whatsoever, so I can only conclude that the extra 10kg must come from the all-new engine and tweaked suspension. If you can tell any visual differences, you must have compound eyes. Long story short, if you sell your 200 and buy the 390, all people will congratulate you for is a new paint job.

But here’s the thing – it really doesn’t matter that the 390 looks like the 200’s twin. Because those looks and proportions now have power that makes the 200 seem incomplete. There is an all-pervading sense of ‘this is what it should’ve always been’ to the 390. It makes 43bhp and 35Nm, while weighing 139kg without fuel. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, nothing will.