Lambo 570-4 Superleggera: Orange Arrow

As is tradition with the Superleggera, the Gallardo was put on a massive weight-reducing diet. So a major portion of sheet metal has been replaced with lightweight carbon-fibre panels. A lot of the everyday electronics has gone – power mirrors, power seats. Even the door grab handles have been replaced by alcantara leather tugs – of course, all stylishly done. Life-saving tech like ABS with EBD and airbags stay. This means, in 570-4 guise, Lambo has managed to trim the Gallardo by a further 70kg – very important when you are on a track with a car that can touch 325kph.

If you want to hear some proper roaring from a 5.2-litre petrol engine, come to the Superleggera. If you thought sportscars growl with the same anger as tigers, for the Lambo, think T-Rex. Sure, no one has ever heard a T-Rex growl, but we’ll take Spielberg’s Jurrasic Park as reference here. The Dolby version, of course. Inside, however, you are not privy to the acoustic mayhem. Damn you, cabin insulation.