Lambo 570-4 Superleggera: Orange Arrow

And as with all Lambos, you sit low. Don’t try to get comfortable, that’s a pointless exercise. There are three madness modes to chose from – Sport, A and Corsa. ‘A’ lets you get to grips with the car, or if you’re stuck in slow traffic. ‘Sport’ gets rid of part of the driving aids. ‘Corsa’ is for when you haven’t entirely got to grips with the car and want to commit suicide. To get the Gallardo to move, you first need to flick both paddle shifts, it gets into first gear but move it will only when you dab the throttle.

Surprisingly, for a car whose sole aim is to be wilder than its sibling, the Superleggera is a taut piece of machinery. Even when you drive it in anger. Yes, the steering is heavy and so are the pedals. And even in automatic mode, every time the gearshifts hit home, it feels as if you’re being rear-ended. But drive it in anger is what you need to do to enjoy this machine’s true capability.