Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 India Speciale

The Hyundai Elantra was behaving strange. I was doing 5kph in it when I dabbed at the brake pedal for a U-turn. But I was thrown forward in my seat as if I had stomped on the brake from 205kph. When I turned the steering it rotated as if it wanted to unscrew itself out, and when I pressed the throttle to slowly inch ahead, the 1.6 diesel engine revved to an insane 3000rpm.

Good thing my left foot was on the clutch. Which is when I realised it was all because of the Gallardo.

To be specific, the Lamborghini Gallardo Longitudinale Posteriore five-hundred-and-fifty dash two, fiftieth Anniversario India Serie Speciale. If you’ve just tuned in, Longitudinale Posteriore signifies the longitudinally-mounted engine at the car’s posterior; five-hundred-and-fifty is the power the engine makes in PS; dash two is the number of wheels the power goes to; fiftieth Anniversario is a reminder that 2013 is Lamborghini’s 50th year.

Then of course, there is the India Serie Speciale. To celebrate 50 years, and as homage to India, Lamborghini India has released an extremely limited number of Gallardos that have the Indian tricolour on the nose, India-specific badging inside the cabin and green and orange stitching on the seats. You will get the India edition only in orange, white and green colours, and there are only six – that’s right, six – in the entire world.