Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 India Speciale

If I have to be utterly honest with you, I’d have to admit this to be a gimmick. But then, anything that sits so low, has so many sharp edges, has a V10 in the middle and makes 543 horses and 540Nm of torque is a gimmick. Ferrucio Lamborghini did not get into the car business to save the world, eradicate poverty or spread peace, you know. So…

But take it from me. In a couple of decades from now, the India Speciale will find buyers willing to pay way more than the Rs 3.80 crore it costs now, plus inflation. What makes it rarer is that the India Speciale will only be right-hand drive and, in the rarest kind of Lamborghini – a rear-wheel-driven one.

Now, when the Gallardo was unveiled in 2003, the world was very different. Forget the changes in your personal life, politics, or the economy. If you just look at it in car terms, between 2003 and now, Ferrari has had the 360, the 430 and now the 458. But the Gallardo still looks like it was designed yesterday. And it definitely drives like it’s from another era.