Lamborghini thunder at Buddh International Circuit

But we started our day in the lightweight Superleggera. Based on the four-wheel drive Gallardo 560-4, the 570-4 features loads of weight-reduction methods like use of carbon fibre body panels and ceramic brakes. With more power at its disposal the Superlegerra stayed true with a relatively nimble drive compared to typical Lambo characteristics.

It doesn't  have some of the creature comforts of a multi-million rupee car, but that's deviating from the point of this Edizione Tecnica variant. The engine note is gruesome and the shifts even more violent. 0-100 comes is 3.4s and the car can touch a top speed of 325kph although we did only an indicated 250kph on the back straight of the track. Sure it did feel like there was a lot more to come.