Land Rover Defender Electric: Current affair

It can do a minimum of 80km in a single charge. But with regenerative braking, you can survive on a farm, private estate or game reserve for a day or two, depending on how much distance you cover.

Apart from the strangeness of the silence, driving the Electric is effortless. The gear lever has Park, Neutral, Drive and Reverse. Put it in D, let go of the brake and you are off. From one rpm, I have about 330Nm of torque. And as I mash the throttle, that paranormal wail and the crushing of rocks and stones are the only sounds accompanying me.

Handling, ride, comfort are all just as in the standard Defender. But with way less noise and vibration. Besides, it does everything a standard Defender can. And in terms of wading depth, the Electric can do 800mm. That’s about 300mm deeper than the standard diesel, thanks to the electric unit being fully sealed, and there’s really no place for the water to enter and damage anything.