Land Rover Defender: Making a splash at 65

Jokes apart, the Defender is truly agricultural. It is utterly hopeless on the road and around corners, and if you are crossing 60kph in the Defender, you will regret not going for that limited period life insurance offer. Yet, I can see exactly why the Defender is such a cultural icon. Absolutely nothing can stop it off the road. Water, inclines, declines, ravines… If Land Rover didn’t have special bonds with the Lord who owns Packington estate, I reckon they would have confidently let me drive this thing though walls.

The engine is a 2.2-litre diesel. It’s not too crude. And if it were not for the minimal sound deadening, it would have sounded like a standard road-going diesel. Moreover, when you start the engine, it won’t shake and shudder. The six-speed manual is nowhere close to slick.

But if you spend time with post-war Landies, you’ll realise how far the current Defender has come in terms of refinement and comfort. If you have never ventured beyond small, slick hatches, you might think of applying for a commercial vehicle driving license before even letting go of the clutch in the Defender.