Land Rover Freelander 2: Snow white and the baby LR

I am blowing out thick clouds of vapour, my nose feels about ready to fall off and my fingers are well past numb – even the warmth from my pockets doesn’t seem to do much good. It’s not just cold, it’s a lot of cuss words followed by the cold. I jump inside the car at the first chance, the digital readout on the dashboard indicating the temperature is 15 clicks below zero degree Celsius. It’s so damn good to be inside a car, and it’s particularly nice to park my rear end inside a Land Rover Freelander 2.

On my way across to the car, I’d been preoccupied with trying not to fall– icy parking lots are a lot harder to walk on when you aren’t on all fours – so I hadn’t had a good look around the car before I got in. Luckily, there are a fair number of them parked around and I can see enough of every car to build a mental image of the new Freelander, which is exactly the same as the old Freelander.

The good thing is, Land Rover hasn’t tried to muck around with a car that already works, it’s just tried to make it better. The headlamps have a distinctive LED signature, which doubles as daytime running lamps. The circular tail-lamps stack one on top of the other with chrome surrounds to complete the look.