Land Rover Freelander 2: Snow white and the baby LR

As I thaw my fingers by the vents, it becomes clear that the interior redesign is a major highlight in this new car. The dash has been cleaned up a fair bit and looks contemporary now. The buttons are all gone, replaced now by a couple of dials that are good enough to take you through any part of the touchscreen menu. The dials on the instrument cluster have also gone through a refresher course – the new format has two large dials to display speed and engine revolutions, with the temperature and fuel gauges incorporated into the digital display in the middle of the two. Simplified and contemporary.

Eventually, I get some feeling back into my fingers, with the cabin set to a toasty 20 degrees (yes, people of Mumbai, 20 degrees can be toasty). I set off into the winter wonderland of Canada, climbing toward the mountains of Quebec. It doesn’t take long for the road to go from clear black tarmac sprinkled with snow in the busier sections of town, to pretty much white, with tracks on either side of the shallow snow.

Sounds treacherous, and we do see a couple of cars that have spun off to prove the point, but Land Rover does not believe in the pussy-footing approach to motoring, preferring instead the rougher side of nature, so you can have the ‘Authentic Land Rover Experience’. We drive further into the mountains to roads that the snow ploughs haven’t yet reached.