Land Rover Freelander 2: Snow white and the baby LR

Before you try this at home, remember two things: one, the Freelander in these pictures is fitted with winter tyres, and two, I have the option of engaging ‘Grass, Gravel, Snow’ mode whenever I need it. The result: the Freelander crunches its way through the miles without a hint of discomfort. The winter tyres provide massive grip to begin with, and wherever things do get a bit hairy, the computers jump into action and pull things back under control.

Which brings us to a bit of cool braking tech on the LR – if you’re travelling a little too fast and you run into a tricky spot and have no idea what to do, just pull up the electronic parking brake lever and it’ll cut down speed without locking your wheels like you cannot imagine, leaving you with plenty of leeway to manoeuvre past the obstacle. It’s like a handbrake with ABS, and it is brilliant.

I should mention at this point that the terrain response system that I love so much has lost the big bright dial it used to have, replaced now with a little strip that has two buttons on either end to shift through the different modes. Nothing wrong with it of course, it still works fine, as the Freelander proves in the snow, but it just feels as if a Rottweiler’s thick padded muzzle has been traded for a pink bow.