Land Rover Freelander 2: Snow white and the baby LR

This latest version, apart from inheriting its off-road legacy, has also managed to improve its on-road behaviour. The boffins at LR have fitted the Freelander with a tray under the engine bay to increase stiffness and improve steering response, which further helps on-road behaviour while taking care of the odd knock from a tree stump when you point it off-road.

The larger 17-inch wheels have firmed up the ride as well, although the fact that our cars are equipped with winter tyres does have a bearing on the ride quality. The India spec for the new Freelander hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we may well be handed the 16-inch wheels with taller-profile rubber and that all-absorbing plush ride may remain intact. The diesel engine (2.2-litre) has been left untouched, with the same power ratings (150bhp and 190bhp) as earlier, and if anything, seems to function quieter than before. There’s a new petrol engine on offer, but that’s unlikely to find favour – or be launched – in the Indian market.