Land Rover Freelander 2: Snow white and the baby LR

At the end of the day, frozen fingers and all, this Freelander offers a whole lot of improvements. The one thing that stands out is the interior design and the new dash layout, which brings the Freelander right up to speed with the rest of its rivals. The lights are a nice touch too and the improved on-road behaviour can never be a bad thing. Ditto its off-road capability.

The engines, especially the 190bhp diesel motor, already had enough grunt, so it’s not particularly disappointing to see that the power output remains the same. What has happened though, thanks to all these small improvements, is that the Freelander suddenly feels a whole lot nicer, and it’s become a more stylish car to be seen in. If you thought only the Germans had figured out that equation, think again.

(Words: Debabrata Sarkar)