Leaving Las Vegas in an Aston Martin Rapide S

But I'm not sure it actually needs any of that. Because you don't buy this Aston to be the cutting edge of anything. You buy this Aston because it's charming, artful and has more personality than it knows what to do with. After such a glorious drive, for me, it's like this: a digital watch is more reliable than a mechanical one, and will tell better time. This is fact. Objectively, it is a better tool. But it won't look half as good, or be even a tenth as satisfying to own and use as a more expensive, objectively less good watch with cogs and springs.

The Aston Rapide S has that kind of vibe: ultimately not perfect, but a warm, personable, lovable, desirable thing. A depth of singular experience, rather than breadth of point scoring. And when it comes to turning a journey across America into an adventure, I can't think of a car I'd rather have been in.

(Words: Tom Ford, Pictures: Justin Leighton)