Lexus LX 450d and RX 450h

It isn’t every day that I find myself trying to choose between cars that are worth several crores and I certainly haven’t found myself in the presence of India’s newest luxury nameplate – Lexus. But, today isn’t every day and there isn’t one, but a pair of Lexus’ parked in front of me. Here, out in the boulder-scape of Ramnagar, close to Bangalore, we’ve got the LX and the RX to play around with. They may share the same badge on the grille, but they are as far opposed as any two SUVs can be, both in terms of technology and personality. Yes, Toyota held off for a long time before finally giving the nod to their luxury arm to begin India operations and now they need to sort out duty related issues that completely built units face. For now, they are fairly expensive, but they do afford you a certain degree of exclusivity. How do they fare in the real world? Read on to find out.

Photography: Rajeev Gaikwad